crystalklk asked:

Okay. I haven't read the Percy Jackson series in awhile. Can you give me an example of bad ADHD portrayal in the books? Like the only big thing I can remember him saying about it is that he described it as being unable to stay in one place during a fight. I have ADHD and I kind of want to know because I want to be able to recognize it in other books. I'm trying not to sound ignorant but I was never under the impression he portrayed it wrong or that he portrayed it right.

anti-leyna answered:

i’m on mobile and i got 2 hours of sleep tops jsyk

1. that stuff about adhd helping you in battle makes zero sense like if anything i would need extra help in battle because there’s too much stuff going on all at once

2. both percy and leo say things like “sorry i said/did this offensive and rude thing but i have adhd so it’s not my fault” which is false for one since having adhd =/= not having a filter or not caring about people’s feelings and it promotes the idea that kids with adhd are immature regardless of their age and oblivious to other people

3. describing someone as “really adhd” just because they’re hyper is callous as fuck and again marks all kids with adhd as childish. also not every kid with adhd is extremely hyperactive there are different types of adhd

4. he only brings up adhd when it’s convenient to the plot. adhd doesn’t go away when it’s not needed you have it all the time. there are no mentions of the kids showing symptoms of adhd like fidgeting or losing focus on small things or frustration over losing focus and other things and other such things. for the most part they behave just like neurotypical people do except when rick throws in a few jokes to remind the audience. like that thing with annabeth keeping everything clean to help with her symptoms alright great but what about on the battlefield when she can’t control how neat everything is? does she panic? does she even show the slightest change in behavior when her surroundings are messier? also are any of these kids medicated? have they been to any sort of counseling? we’ll never know.

5. his jokes aren’t funny. he doesn’t have adhd. just because his son has it doesn’t mean that he actually knows how it feels. if anything his jokes just give people without adhd a chance to laugh at it. so many non adhd people in this fandom think it’s a lifelong joke where you just laugh all the time and look at butterflies when people are talking and you’re 100% upbeat 24/7 and that’s not true. adhd has made things really hard for me i don’t appreciate rick making fun of me for it.


Honestly, why the hell is this person even a “fan” of the series. 90% of what I’ve seen from this blog is bitching about the series. Like, why not go talk about something you like???

And as for the ADHD…he wrote that for his kid who has ADHD and struggled with it through grade school. RR basically wrote ADHD as something of a disability superpower for his kid. I HIGHLY DOUBT PEOPLE ARE USING THIS SERIES AS AN ACTUAL DIAGNOSTIC TOOL FOR ADHD. 

And considering how many kids with ADD and ADHD I’ve seen irl and online talk about how they liked that aspect of the story (not say all liked it but, but I’ve seen quite a few who did), I really can’t help but think you just like to complain about this series. 

Honestly, talk about something you like or find something else to talk about because you are a big part of what gives this fandom a bad name. You complain, you bitch about Rick Riordan and I have yet to see you say anything good about a series you supposedly like that isn’t, in some way, backhanded. 

Honestly, just stop